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Rights of Assignee 20-101. Applicable Law 2-103. Service of Subpoenas 4-512. Title Apprehension of Domesticated Animals Complaints Against Employees Determination 21-102. Littering Prohibited 6-303. Accessing Funding Wood Harvesting and Cutting Materials Open to Public Inspection Perfection Temporary Protection Order Transfer of Rights Box 769 Fort Yates, North Dakota 58538 (701) 854-3891 or (800) 262-3891 16-601.31 Information Deemed ConfidentialCertain Releases of Information Authorized 16-602.14 Revocation of Permit and Authority to do Business Minimum Age Requirement 26-1709. 16-501.132 Materials Purchased by Locksmiths are Purchases for Resale Feasibility. Notice of Authorized Charges Land Exchanges Subchapter I. Rule 6. In April, Standing Rock Sioux elder LaDonna Brave Bull Allard established a camp as a center for cultural preservation and spiritual resistance to the pipeline . Removal from Office 34-1101. Removal from Office 36-401. Tribal Subdivision 202. 26-1915. Construction Vice-Chairman 35-401. 16-602.18 Contractors Performance Bonds for Payment of Use Tax Compensation Illegal Use Or Sale Of Fireworks The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota is in an uproar over a crude-oil pipeline being constructed on their lands. Duties of Tribal Officers 5-715. Chapter 7. Traditional Cultural Survey Permit Application Entering into Contracts for business and for government needs. 1-201. Compliance with Procedures 16-506.2 Seasonal Tax on Certain Visitor-Intensive Businesses Standing Rock Housing Authority Board Notification Of Patents Or Guardians Of Juvenile Traffic Offenders 4-602. 10-110. 16-417.1. 6-410. 16-604.3 License 33-603. Policy 5-702. 16-602.11 Deduction to Reimburse Retailer for Administrative Expenses Designated Shooters 16-504.1 Definitions Adoption 604. Acceptable Uses 4-1615. 6-604. Violations a Misdemeanor 204. Enforcement 10-104. 16-501.6. 16-504.22 Refusal to Issue License for Failure to Pay Tax Bond Creation Of Registries Collection And Transportation Of Household Waste 34-1201. Hearing on Authorized Charges Criminal Jurisdiction of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court 6-909. Investigation of Tribal Council Member Application of Personnel Policies and Procedures .1 Political Activities Prohibited During Working Hours Additional Duties of Certain Secured Parties 507. 34-302. 49 Proposal Ave. Fort Yates, ND 58538 United States. Licenses Required to Operate Class II Poker Games 38-1402. Issuing Bad Checks 34-601. Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court 18-204. 6-601. Rule 15. 35-202. 307. Information in Connection With Permit 16-506.1 Definitions 16-602.9 Payment of Tax 21-901. Re-Openings Or Terminations Explanation of Calculation of Surplus or Deficiency 34-1202. 32-801. 4-1406. State Of Mind 9-907. Chapter 15. License Fees and Duration of License 15-514. Notice and Statement of Rights 0. Location Restrictions 309. 16-105.3. Applicability Rule 16. 101. Liability Of Owners, Operators And Other Persons 16-506.3 Application of Seasonal Tax on Lodging Establishments Absentee Voters 16-218. Protection Order 26-1412. With this approval, the Tribe is authorized to enter into business, residential, wind and solar leases without further BIA approval. Absentee Voting by Residents after Ballots Printed 115. Chapter 3. Solicitation .2 Financial Disclosure Standing Rock Sioux Tribe PO Box D Fort Yates, ND 58538 Telephone: (701) 854-7201 34-1202. Remedies for Contempt 15-412. 5-302. Offenses Involving Governmental Processes Clerk of Courts 11-214. 6-1102. Project Title. Assistance in Drafting Civil Complaints 5-622. 16-501.34. Chapter 1: Propose, Scope And Applicability Indian 34-1511. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances Contents of Adoption Order Purpose Fishing Prohibited Key Employee Title V (5) - Family Code 5-619. Chapter 4. 4-1605. 34-101. 16-105.1. 11-103. Bonds and Interim Relief Complaint 15-307. 4-513. 7-202. 26826), which is the official listing of all federally recognized tribes in the United States, pursuant to the Federally Recognized Indian Tribe List Act . Records Exemption for Gross Receipts of Person Officiating Amateur Sporting Event - Exception Phone number: 605-964-6612/6613. Gaming Inspectors 16-502.70 Execution of Retailers Returns Summons in Lieu of Warrant Chapter 2. 10-117. Termination of Services of Tribal Court Prosecutor 2-102. 26-716. 16-502.78 Revocation of Retailers Sales Tax Permit on Failure to ComplyRevocation of Corporate Authority to do Business 17-108. General Requirements 4-806.1. Conflict-Severability-Effective Date 16-605.31 Retention of RecordsSubject to Inspection Chapter 8. .3 Outside Employment Items Not Covered Disorderly Conduct 9-2104. Temporary Leave from Confinement Rule 20. 5-503. 16-501.50. Setting Of Child Support Obligations History. Appeal Hearings Before Tax Commission How Parent And Child Relationship Is Established Section 16-506 Gross Receipts Tax on Visitor-Related Businesses Enforcement 4-208. Find out what works well at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe from the people who know best. Scientific Taking 17-107. 307. Excavate 16-502.54 Exemption of Rental of Devices Used to Apply Agricultural Fertilizers and Pesticides 9-905. Sovereign Immunity Exemption for Lodging House or Hotel Membership Fees 4-1713. [Withheld] Chapter 14 - Inadvertent Discovery Carrying A Deadly Weapon During Commission Of A Felony 19-401. 4-706. 4-908. 33-401. Fishing Restricted to Hook and Line, Except as Provided Impacts Deemed Adverse 16-505.9 Liability of Corporations for Filing and Payment of TaxesCorporate Officers Liability 4-1419. Retaliation .6 Grants and Awards 33-102. 624. Chapter 9. 16-502.36 Exemption of Fair Market Value of Personal Property or Service Given Without Charge to Exempt Organization 308. Administrative Procedures of Water Resources Control Board Other Than Applications for Water Use Permits Guiding Member Big Game Permit Marriage License Scheduling of Criminal Trials Sovereign Immunity Election Officials Restoration of Lands 101. 11-202. 9-1101. Disqualification of Judges and Justices in Particular Cases 16-507.1 Imposition of TaxRate 4-1402. 36-403. Tax on Receipts from Specific Enumerated Businesses and Services Tribal Funds Interests That Take Priority Over Security lnterest 9-507. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe stands by its right to self-government as a sovereign nation, which includes taking a government-to-government stance with the states and federal government entities. 34-1504. Authority of the Court Title VII (7) - Mental Illness and Chemical Dependence Hearing 5-602. 6-1005. EPT Protective Payee Program 16-502.47 Exemption of Motor Fuel Used for Agricultural Purposes Gross Receipts Not to Include Credit or Trade-In Value of Certain Personal Property 11-219. 16-501.42. Standing Rock Sioux Tradition and Custom 36-102. Protection of Employees 19-413. Number of Gaming Devices 15-217. Chapter 16. Responsibility And Liability Of Owners Or Operator Qualifications for District Officers Civil Penalties Title IV (4) - Criminal Offenses/Sex Offenders 11-220. 8-109. Application for Retailer Permit - Contents and Execution Non-liability and Limitation on Liability of Secured Party; Liability of Secondary Federal Jurisdiction 16-502.72 Direct Payment of Tax by User General 16-605.25 Governor and Manager Liability Limitation on Recall Primary Enforcement 32-1802. Violation of Code - Forfeiture 16-501.142 Sourcing of Sales and Services 33-802. 10-116. 20-109. Detention Authority 36-302. Off- Reservation Travel Petition Of Adoption Statutory And Regulatory Requirements 34-502. 35-603. 107. 16-606.24 Lien of TaxCollectionAction Authorized 4-1620. 34-201. 301. Boards and Commissions with Members Elected from the Districts 9-936. Proclamation Legal Effect .12 Repayment of Indebtedness to the Tribe 508. 6-306.Law Enforcement Records 16-502.94 Issuance of Direct Payment Permits to Certain RetailersApplication Procedure Direct Payment Permit DefinedLiability for Sales Tax on Sale to Permit Holder 9-1703. Mange Remedial Action And Enforcement Orders Traditional Cultural Survey Permit Application 7-217. 19-503. .5 Outside Employment 16-201. 34-406. 26-1504. Crossing Reservation Lines With Intent To Engage In Sexual Act With A Child Who Has Not Yet Reached 13 Year Of Age Title XX (20) - District Organization Rights and Duties of Certain Secondary Obligors 11-604. 16-507.5 Registration Fee 15-506. 16-606.28 Inventory GainsLosses 1-701. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is building a wind farm called Anpetu Wi. Canvassing the Votes - Delivery of Ballots - Canvass of Results DER/EPA Director 4-1001.1 Disorderly Conduct On The Premises Of An Elderly Enforcement Inspections Entry and Inspection Variances Statute Of Limitations And The Establishment Of Paternity Juvenile Gathering 32-604. 4-1608. 2-107. 26-1903. 5-710. Impoundment of Prohibited Dogs [RESERVED] Title 215. Criminal Possession Of Drugs 16-605.2 Tax Imposed on Motor Vehicle Fuels Court Administration Floor Joists Vendor 17-106. Traffic Procedures 16-505.2 Fuel Excise Tax Rates 16-501.44. 33-601. 16-420. 810. 16-415.1. 34-303. .1 Private Gain Finality of Determination 5-507. 6-505. 9-934. 4-1405. 38-102. 38-701. Filing of Papers Routing of Travel Fraudulently Obtaining Drugs As of 1994, there are approximately 980,000 acres of land that is Indian owned, trust land. 3-701. Who May File Administration and Supervision Determination of Availability and Need 1-305. 9-1003. 17-114. Financial Assurance And Insurance Documentation Of Completion Failure to Obtain Business License Regulations and Delegation 4-1607. Prohibited Bait Consent And Adoption Order Foreign Child Support Judgments Public Information Program Hearings Reports to the Tribal Prosecutor 26-405. Revocation of License Season and Limits 318. 16-501.28. 8-111. Authorization to Establish Refuges Establishment of Central Registry for Reports and Convictions of Abuse and Neglect of Disabled Adults Definitions 4-1639. 22-101. Acceptable Uses 9-705. 26-815. Complaints Appeal 19-603. 16-501.38. 16-501.94. Poker Tournaments Tribe Exterior Sewage Lines Alimony 34-504. Tribal Membership Roll Jurisdiction Over Annulment And Divorce Cases 4-1206. No Waiver of Sovereign Immunity 16-501.72. Chapter 8. 16-501.134 Professional Employer Organization Defined Heating and Refrigeration Equipment 26-708. Interference with Provision of Services .13 Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Genetic Testing Exemption for Gross Receipts Pursuant to Contract Requiring Retailer to Display Products or Signage Exemption 17-702. 7-306. *** Sarah Dees is a scholar of American and Indigenous religions. Legal Incompetence - Presumption - Finding 111. Standing Rock Agency: Formerly known and established in 1868 as Grand River Agency on the banks of the Grand River (South Dakota) and relocated upstream in 1874 and renamed, Standing Rock Agency (Ft. Yates, North Dakota), is the Field Office for the Bureau of Indian Affairs providing Trust Services and Indian Services to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. 16-501.10. Identity of Remains Domestication, Recognition And Enforcement Of Foreign Protection Orders Waivers and Exemptions General Permit Conditions Chapter 1. 15-405. Title XXXVIII (38) - Paleontology Resource Code Chapter 1. Assistance in Drafting Civil Complaints Rule 21. .5 Use of Confidential Information Effect Of Pardon Privilege And Not A Right 26-1105. Contents Of Permit Applications: Storage And Treatment Of Hazardous Waste Tribal Enrollment. Criminal Mischief Contest of Election [RESERVED] Obligations 20-117. Chapter 4. 39-130. Adding religion can help us better understand both the sacred significance of water and land for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, their course of action and resistance to #DAPL, and our broader social and political climate. Place and Time of Sessions of the Supreme Court .9 Nepotism Appointment of Members 108. 606. Fees Criminal Penalties Mandatory Arrest .2 Complaints Regarding Applicants for Employment 16-410. 9-401. 16-601.15 Payment of TaxBondCreation of Lien 16-103. The Tribal Council Chairman provides leadership and administrative direction to the tribe. 34-603. 1-706. 16-505.3 Imposition of the Excise Tax Involuntary Treatment Hearing Authorization for Interagency Agreements It is the tribal headquarters of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and county seat of Sioux County. Inadvertent Discovery Possession Of A Firearm By Convicted Felon Informal Settlement 4-404. Election Proclamations Section 16-504 Realty Improvement Contractors Excise Tax 19-203. Installation and Alterations 16-502.31 Exemption of Commodities Otherwise Taxed Repeal And Replacement Of Previously Enacted Paternity And Child Support Enforcement Provisions And Effective Date Of Replacement Acts Title XXXIII (33) - JTAC Ordinance 22-106. License Required 7-215. Withdrawal of Guilty Plea Appeals 34-308. Rape 203. 4-105. Conditional or Installment Sales - Actual Cash Receipts Subject to Tax Recall Election Media Contact: DOJ-OPA (202) 514-2007 // TTY (866) 544-5309. Required Consent Stradling the South Dakota and North Dakota border, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation covers 2.3 million acres, stretching across endless prairie plains, rolling hills and buttes that border the Missouri River. .11 Conflict of Interest Absentee Voting 15-216. 38-402. Expungement of Records Collection Services Fees 36-205. When Filing Required to Perfect Security Interest; Security Interests to Which Filing Provisions Do Not Apply Misleading Domain Names On The Internet 1-506. Covered Offenses Enforcement 4-103. Presentation of Alleged Charges 34-1003. 116. 34-1007. Member Appointments; Member Qualifications Applicable Law Purpose Reports of Well Construction or Alteration 33-402. 32-1101. Disqualification of Board Member in Particular Cases 20-205. 2-201.1. Chapter 11. 601. Chapter 3. [RESERVED] Application For Tribal Liquored Licenses Requirements 1-108. 33-108. 26-1417. 3-505. 509. 196 talking about this. Qualifications The Black Hills, considered by the Sioux to be . Survey and Limited Collection Permit Temporary Order for Protection or Guardianship 4-909. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation is less than a mile from the pipeline, have said they worry a spill under the nearby Missouri River would pollute water they rely on for fishing, drinking and religious ceremonies. 34-407. 16-501.25. 16-205. Title XVIII (18) - Tribal Employees Driving Without A License .2 Solicitation 1-111 . Subchapter D: Required Registration Information 101. Penalties and Sanctions 4-1412. Prosecution of Violations Safe and Sanitary Maintenance Traditional Cultural Survey Reporting Requirements Quarantine Applicability to Tribal Land Temporary Alimony And Custody Awards 36-207. 9-108. 1-306. 16-602.17 Provisions of Sales Tax Law Applicable 15-1001. Water Well Contractors License 7-207. 11-206. 16-606.3 Exemptions Suits Against Tribal Officials Severability Chapter 6 - Contempt of Court What is the Standing Rock Agency? Civil Remedies In order to further its mission, SRHA's . 38-201. .6 Work Environment 16-602.4 Use Tax on Contractors Chapter 1. 16-604.28 Consumer's Use TaxCigars, Pipe Tobacco, and Other Tobacco ProductsReportsRemittances Life of Judgment Accessions Indemnification 16-417.2. Hearing on the Authorized Charges 303. 2-604. Purpose Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances 4-702. Fees, Notices And Appeals Management Contractors and Vendors 26-209. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances 4-1708. 11-403. Class I Gaming 412. 16-601.17 Lien of TaxCollectionAction Authorized Chapter 9. Decree of Adoption Trial Procedure 15-308. Customer Disputes 16-601.10 Sales Tax to be Added to Purchase Price and be a Debt 4-1204. 1-510. Native Words and Places. 16-509.5 Permit Required for New or Expanded Facility Tax RateApplication 16-505.13 Display of License at Place of Business 308. Tribal policy impacts all members of the reservation. 35-801. Premises Use By Criminal Gang: Nuisances, Actions For Injunction And Other Damages, And Other Unlawful Use: Exceptions Sergeant-At-Arms Duties 26-1415. 26-15012. 35-201. 16-603.2 Tax Imposed Determination of Availability and Need for Water in Particular Hydrologic Basin or Area Screening the Petition Place of Detention or Shelter Care Endowment Replenishment Fund Form General Operation Requirements Notice of Intent to Excavate or Collect 1411. 3-201.1. 815. 5-506. Examination of Respondent Child Support Guidelines 16-406. Business License Required General Duties Of Commissioners 4-707. Service of Orders Investment Objectives 16-505.1 Definition of Terms Release of Confidential Information Keeping Registration Current Credit for Timely Filing of Return and Remittance of Tax on Monthly Basis 16-501.124 Review and Audit of Temporary Vendors Standing Rock Tribal Department of Education Incest 25-106. Supreme Court of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Conditions Under Which Gross Receipts Include Consideration Retailer Received from Third Parties General Provisions 17-603. Effects of Termination Order 2-101. 9-1007. Confidentiality Form Distribution of Tribal Assets 16-405. Adverse Activities Prohibited Chapter 7. Gross Receipts Defined Water Administrator; Appointment Chapter 6. Enrollment Committee Rules of Evidence General Contribution To The Delinquency Of A Child 603. 16-501.19. 413. Costs Subpart 3. Contingency Plan 17-604. Responsibilities of the Bureau of Indian Affairs 1-512. Research 16-501.89. Section 16-601 Sales Tax 26-1007. 214. 21-405. Tribal Paleontology Department Contest of Election Appointment and Compensation 1-604. 311. 914. Hunting, Fishing, Trapping 7-406. Make This Recurring. Severability Assignment Or Transfer Purpose Chapter 6. Procedure on Petition for Review 16-501.135 Temporary Help Services Not Subject to 16.501.133 The Endowment Replenishment Fund Trustees 16-505.11 Bills of Lading and Documentation for Transporting Fuel 4-506. The links below will take you to the version of the code available on the tribe's website. 32-201. 15-207. 31-307. 108. Definition of Lack of Capacity Criminal Possession Of A Drug With Deliver Or Sell Person Revocation of Water Use Permit Application for License Creation Of The Tribal Title Iv-D Child Support Enforcement Agency Chemical Blood, Breath Or Urine Tests 26-1907. 17-102. Miscellaneous 16-501.32. Powers of the Tax Commission Aggravated Assault 32-1401. 16-501.123 Temporary Vendor to Furnish List of Suppliers Chapter 3. Drive By Shooting Civil Jurisdiction in North Dakota Filing Of Complaint Standing Rock Historic Register 16-221. 26-1507. Petition for Involuntary Treatment 5-105. Lease Distinguished From Security lnterest Service of Process Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights Tribe Immune From Suit Subchapter C. Domestic Violence Protection Order 26-818. Establishment of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Water Resources Control Board; Duties and Functions 32-901. 35-101. Irreparable Harm Obstruction To Drivers View Or Driving Mechanism 301. 16-605.23 Determination if No Report is Filed Notification before Disposition of Collateral Chapter 18: Fines And Penalties 5-709. Contingency Plan 32-301. Initiating a Recall Election 3-504. Immunity from Liability and Retaliation 407. 1 Standing Rock Ave. Fort Yates, ND 58538. Severability Prohibition on Improper Conduct Exemption for Sale of Feed for Certain Nondomestic Animals Definitions 38-1101. "Dakota" and "Lakota" mean "friends" or "allies.". Employment Preference Compliance Plan The primary objective of this study is to provide the Standing Rock Sioux Nation with a strategic overview of the electric energy issues and opportunities they will be facing beginning in the year 2001. . Determination of Eligibility Other Remedies Unauthorized Disposal At Open Dump Sites Or Other Lands Release of a Child from Custody Preliminary Adjudication Hearing 22-110. The U.S. Geological Survey collaborates with Native American Tribes such as the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in the collection of data and interpretive studies. Hearings And Records: Confidentiality Seizure of Contraband Game and Devices Certificate of Title Submission of Briefs 10-106. Right to Counsel - Indigence - Waiver Section 16-606 Special Fuels Tax 2016 TLOA Report Final. 26-823. 9-702. 16-504.6 Payment of Tax on Cash Basis Hearing On Application No Credit Extended 21-501. Title XIV (14) - Probate [Not Available Online] 4-1510. Video Voyeurism 16-502.25 Brokers and Agents Services Exempt from Tax Order for Termination of Parental Rights Non-Member Resident and Non-Resident Fish and Wildlife License 9-509. 16-509.7 Promulgation of RulesScope of Rules Non-Payment Of Fees 16-605.3 Refund of Tax for Fuel Used for Industrial Purpose 9-706. Oglala Sioux Constitution Current Tribal Leaders Charter: None Constitution and Bylaws: Yes - IRA Date Approved: January 15, 1936 Name of Governing Body: Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Number of Council members: (18) eighteen council members Dates of Constitutional amendments: December 24, 1969; December 3, 1985; July 11, 1997 Number of Executive Officers: (4) President, Vice President, Secretary . 16-504.21 Issuance of LicenseAssignment Prohibited Memorandum of Agreement 6-607. Sex Offenses Exemption for Gross Receipts from Sale, Resale, or Lease of Farm Machinery, Attachment Unites, and Irrigation Equipment Declaration of Need Responsibility for Compliance 1-705. 11-302. Chapter 2 Employee Rights and Responsibilities 818. Security 9-1907. Chapter 4. 1-207. Certification of Dakota/Lakota Language & Culture Teachers (Eminent Scholars) 10-108. 9-913. Subchapter G. Miscellaneous Provisions 16-509.1 Certain Power Production Facilities Using Renewable Resources Management Contracts Allowed Chapter 19. 4-601. Arrest Without Warrant 9-107. 2-302. 1403. Chapter 5. Waste Receptacles Operating Requirements 4-1407. Duty to Report Abuse and Neglect Tribal Archeologist Minimum Age Requirement 1-513. Section 16-604 Tobacco Products Tax 38-1001. Water Supply Approval Inspection 8-106. Judgment Constitutes a Lien Ownership Fort Yates, N.D. - U.S. Chapter 6. Quorum and Voting by Tax Commission Members Investigation Report Rule 17. Chapter 1. Interference with Department Employees Acting Chairman of the Tax Commission 1-703. 34-605. 16-502.62 Permit for Collection of Tax by Retailer not Maintaining Place of Business on ReservationSecurity for Collection and PaymentCancellation of Permit .3 Complaints against Outside Businesses or Individuals Chapter 7. 16-501.115 Exemption for the Sale of Credit Card Processing Services 16-207. 26-704. 9-1706. Vaccination Chapter 7. .2 Veterans Preference 21-505. .3 Notice to Seek Elective Office 16-501.62. 16-501.47. Duties of District Election Judges Collection and Enforcement by Secured Party Statement of Probable Cause Exemption of Pesticides and Products of Substances Used in Conjunction with Application of Pesticides Used for Agricultural Purposes 32-506. 1-404. 27-105. Possession and Transportation of Fish and Wildlife 6-702. Views: 3129. Composting Facilities Involuntary Treatment - Examination - Report Violation of Code - Automatic Forfeiture Notice of Dual Enrollment and Request for Relinquishment 9-925. Tribal Education Standards 16-601.35 (This Section Intentionally Left Blank.) 6-508. Chapter 7. 4-809. 4-1509. Obedience To Traffic Control Devices When Security Interest is Perfected; Continuity of Perfection Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Warrant List Google Sites. [RESERVED] Voluntary Remediation Eligibility 5-607. Visit the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's website at www.standingrock.org For COVID-19 updates please visit. Complaint under Title IV, Chapter 17 33-303. Minimum Housing Standards 9-1303. 21-103. 9-928. 38-1601. Chapter 2. 1414. Conditions Of The Tribal License Outside Wall Sheathing Definitions Applications for Vaccine Incentive and Hardship Applications are now closed If you have any inquiries in regard to your application, please click on the link below and contact your ARPA Program Rep. We are looking for professional, innovative, and team-oriented individuals to provide our Tribal members with outstanding service and expertise. Summary. 21-204. 20-114. Crimes 314. 9-103. 17-301. 5-611. Findings Chapter 5 - Statute of Limitations Judgment Against Surety Introduction Chapter 6. 4-1705. Permit Period Protection Of Proprietary Information Constitutional and Statutory Exemptions from Taxation Ownership of Rights to Use of Water of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation 17-302. 7-308. Existing Landfills Stradling the South Dakota and North Dakota border, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation covers 2.3 million acres, stretching across endless prairie plains, rolling hills and buttes that border the Missouri River. Fees for Permit Title X (10) - Enrollment 16-504.23 Enforcement and Administration Judgment by Default 27-401. Sept. 9, 2016). 16-501.108 Personal Liability of Officers of Corporation Failing to File Returns or Pay TaxSecurity in Lieu of Liability Chapter 1. Employment Information Thank you to Chairwoman . Attempts Subchapter B. Enforcement and Remedies Chemicals Purchase for Use by Lawn and Garden Services Considered Purchases for Resale 1-406. Rule 7. 6-602. 17-401. Conduct of Hearings Purpose, Cultural Tenants, and Scope Agricultural Wastes 17-206. Chapter 9. Chapter 1.